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We’re a group of extempers who can talk the talk because we’ve walked the walk. As national champions in extemporaneous speaking—former competitors who participated in over 100+ speech tournaments and have worked with some of the nation’s brightest extemp minds—we are confident in our ability to bring your extemp skills to the next level. After just one week at Paramount Extemp, you will notice a marked improvement in your content & delivery skills.

Here’s all the information you need to know about our camp.

When is our camp?

Our camp is one week long, taking place from August 8th – August 14th. Each day of camp starts at 9:30 AM CST, and lasts roughly until 3:00 PM CT.

What does our camp cover?

In any given day in our camp, you can expect us to run drills, launch lectures, and do practice speeches. Among other things, here’s what you might see us cover:

  • Content lectures ranging from the US Economy to Foreign Policy to Healthcare, plus many other common round topics.
  • Substructure lessons, covering the basic as well as higher-level structures.
  • Drills focusing on delivery and speaking clarity.
  • Cross examination strategy.
  • Lessons on competition strategy, including how to choose the right question, how to perform under pressure, and how to speak on an unfamiliar topic.
  • Practice speeches with one-on-one champion feedback.
  • End-of-week tournament for competition experience.

How much is our camp?

Our camp is $499.

For comparison, other camps are anywhere from $900-$1400 for one week of instruction.

Affordability is a central focus of ours, and we’re hopeful that the inexpensive prices help!

How do I sign up for this camp?

You can sign up by using this link! If you encounter any difficulties with that link (or signing up in general), please contact us at or

Who’s leading this camp?

This camp is lead by Peter Alisky and Ananth Veluvali, two incoming freshman at Stanford University.

Between the two of them, Peter and Ananth have: won NSDA nationals, won NCFL nationals, won several state championships, and placed in the top 3 at several prestigious national-circuit tournaments, including the MBA Round Robin and the Tournament of Champions (where they collectively hold over 40 career bids).

Having privately coached students in extemp speaking and having ran extemp camps in previous years, they also have deep experience working with students, and know how to provide tangible, personalized feedback to competitors.

I have some questions. Who can I talk to?

You can email us any questions by reaching out to or! If you’d like to call us before making an official payment, we’re more than happy to schedule a Zoom meeting with you via email.

How do I submit payments for this camp?

You can Venmo us at Paramount Prep! Our handle is @paramountextemp. We also accept payments through Zelle, but please email us beforehand, so we can provide you our payment information for the platform.

You can either directly pay us all of the money before camp begins, or pay us in two halves ($250 before camp starts; $249 after camp ends). Either way, we’ll confirm your student’s registration with that first wave of payment. If you have any questions about payment, please contact us via email or Instagram!

You can also use the Venmo QR code below!

What is your refund policy?

We permit a 100% refund of your initial deposit three weeks before camp begins. If our camp is starting in less than three weeks and your request a refund, however, we can only refund 50% of your initial deposit, granted you paid $500 upfront. If you request a refund in the middle of camp, we will be unable to provide you with one.

Make this extemp season your best one yet.