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Our Team

Peter and Ananth are both rising freshman at Stanford University, and they collectively hold over 40 bids to the Tournament of Champions.

Between the two of them, they have won or placed in the Top 3 of every major extemp national championship. Among other things, they have won NSDA Nationals, NCFL Nationals, and several state championships & national-circuit tournaments. They have also made the final rounds of the UK Tournament of Champions, Extemp Tournament of Champions, Harvard, Glenbrooks, the Bronx, Yale, and many more competitions!

Meet Peter

Peter Alisky competed at Smoky Hill High School in Aurora, Colorado. As a competitor, he won NSDA Nationals (finishing with one of the lowest cumulative final round rankings in NSDA history), as well as Colorado’s state competition. He also was a 2X invitee to the highly-prestigious round robin, MBA, and made the final round at Duke, Yale, Bronx, Glenbrooks, Princeton, and the University of Kentucky. This fall, he’ll be attending Stanford University, where he plans on majoring in economics.

Meet Ananth

Ananth competed at Edina High School in Edina, Minnesota. This year, he was the only student in the nation to finish in the top three of every major national championship. Some of his career highlights include unanimously winning the NCFL National Tournament final round, as well as championing several national-circuit tournaments, like Apple Valley and Dowling. He also placed 2nd at MBA, 2nd at the Extemp TOC, 3rd at UKTOC, and he’s finaled at Bronx, Glenbrooks, and Harvard. He plans on joining Peter at Stanford University this fall, where he’ll likely study computer science.