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Read the great things extempers have to say about Paramount Extemp!

“Before coming to camp, extemp had been a struggle for me, nothing seemed to click. But when I first got to camp extemp came to me much faster thanks to the amazing mix of lectures, delivery practice, and speech giving, it would be a steal at any price, but the fact that it’s so cheap is just the cherry on top.”

Extemper from Arizona

“The instructors were well versed in extemp, and offered thoughtful, helpful advice.”

Extemper from Washington

“I came in a terrible extemper and scared to read up from my notes in Congress. I came out a confident extemper that has learned a lot from the best in the world. I could literally not recommend this camp more.”

Extemper from New York

“This was truly a special idea. Some of the best extempers in the country sharing their insights and helping us get better…definitely a huge help!!!”

Extemper from Ohio